Paltò resumes the contemporary retrò taste, retraces the wearability of a time giving a modern twist. For the FW18 Paltò creates a real label, "Paltò Sartoria", which presents more classic wearability and a more formal construction. In the collection there is also a more sportswear part where light and coupled fabrics are experimented, with padded and removable lining. The legendary archive section presents the velvet and the washed cloth in addition to the classic English fabric, Harris tweed.

// Annarita Felt
// Annarita Pdg Mal
// Carlotta Vichy Bon
// Cecilia Arm
// Cecilia Pdg Bon
// Clarissa Felt
// Claudia Drap
// Domitilla Felt
// Domitilla Pdg Mal
// Fulvia Felt
// Fulvia Pdp Mal
// Gianna Astrakan
// Isidora Felt
// Miranda Cash
// Miranda Die
// Ottavia Astrakan
// Ottavia Cash
// Rita Arm
// Rita Full
// Talita
// Tiziana Cash
// Violante Cot
// Vittoria Velvet

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